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We work with privately held as well as publicly traded international, national and regional real estate companies across all sectors of the industry and all asset classes.  Our work on behalf of our international clients involves building a team and retaining talented real estate professionals for their US headquarters and offices in a variety of major gateway and urban markets nationally. 


Our real estate clients, whether regional, national or international, benefit from our perspective on the talent market and the real estate industry as a whole. They appreciate and value our unique ability close searches quickly and effectively.  We are strategic in our search execution and disciplined in our process.


The right fit matters.

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Our Approach breeds success 


With our search methodology, we continually place people in the right roles within the right organizations.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We pride ourselves on promoting, mentoring and sponsoring diverse talent in the real estate industry through our assignment completion and also through our own work in various industry associations.  We believe that attracting and hiring diverse talent is only half of the work, and the real work of diversifying an organization’s or the industry’s talent, is through the more difficult work of promoting and sponsoring equity (i.e. the opportunity to participate meaningfully) and inclusion within the real estate industry. 


Through our network connections and volunteer work in various professional industry associations that promote diversity, our proactive mentorship of diverse talent, and importantly, through sponsorship of diverse talent in completing assignments, we take pride in doing our part to be advocates for advancing diversity, equity and access to opportunities, and inclusion through the search process on behalf of our clients. We start with ourselves by engaging working moms and women reentering the workforce, as well as internships for the younger generations of talent that would otherwise not be exposed to the real estate industry.

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